Our paper on physics education was accepted:

A. L. Alinea, W. Naylor, “Polarization of physics on global courses,” Phys. Educ. 50 (2015) 210-217;

See the the Video Abstract HERE!

For the idea of applying quantum field theory to astrobiology, click below:

Does quantum/thermal field theory affect life in the universe?

About Me
I’m now doing a Master’s in Education (Grad Dip Ed) at the University of the Sunshine Coast with Physics and Maths my teaching areas (daily interaction with Kangaroos on campus). I’ve just started my practicum at Mountain Creek State High School and I’m loving it!

Until September 2015 I was a specially appointed associate professor in charge of physics on the CBCMP (chemistry-biology combined major program), teaching an international bunch of 1st-2nd year students at Osaka University. (For a link to other staff members on the CBCMP see CBCMP Faculty.)

As well as being a faculty member of the International College I was also an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Physics at Osaka University, and a member of the vibrant High Energy Theory (HET) group at Osaka University.

My research interests were quite broad, but as I seem to have less and less time my interests are focusing on quantum particle creation under external field conditions. Examples in cavity QED are the dynamical Casimir effect (DCE), while in curved spacetime particle creation (Hawking radiation) from black holes or that during inflation via  reheating/preheating. I’m also interested in black hole quasinormal modes, particularly relating to developing new techniques to evaluate them (for more about my research interests click here and also see my publications list).

More about me
I am from Surrey, England; and after my M.Sci. at St. Andrews and my PhD  at Newcastle University, I moved to Japan in 2001 as a JSPS foreign research fellow at Osaka University. In 2003 I became a 21COE researcher at Kyoto University and then in 2005 a lecturer at Ritsumeikan University. I have been an adjunct associate professor, at Osaka University, since May 2010.

In terms of education, I graduated from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) with an M.Sc. in theoretical physics. After that, in 1997 I went on to do a Ph.D. at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne , where my thesis focused on quantum effects in cosmology/curved spacetime. I’m now doing a Graduate Diploma in Education to get my accredited teacher’s license.